Friday, April 16, 2010

Spent The Day With My Sister

I told my sister about mandie aka "my eating disorder" about 4-5 months ago. She was in shock. After weeks past, she pretty much ignored it...she didnt bring it up at all . But let me back up....I hadn't gone to sleep from the previous night i've basically been up for 2 days almost.....getting ready for bed at like 10:00-am, my sister calls me. Mind You we hadnt really been talking the whole month....even at my brother's birthday she was either on her ipod or on her sidekick... i dont know if she was purposely trying to ignore me or what but she didnt really talk to me....then she calls out of the blue today and asks if i want to hang out cause she's in the first i say "ummm okay" but then i talked to my twitfam about how awkward it would i call her back and tell her that im to tired to go. Then an hour later i call her back and tell her, that we should hang out since i have nothing else to do and i got my second wind. So she picks me up and im feeling kinda uncomfortable because we havent really talked in a while and there's alot going on with's like this big elephant of issues in the room that just happen to belong to still hurts that she dosen't even ask me how my eating disorder is going...we went to a cuple clothing stores and i tried on some clothes...when i came out, she looked like she had seen a ghost....i think because i was wearing a form fitting dress and you could see how small i'd gotten from the last time she had seen me....her look scared me...she looked like she didnt even know me...after that we went to the park and then got pinkberry, which i should go purge now that im home....Overall good day, I just wish she would show how much she says she cares...

Thanks For Reading :)