Monday, May 31, 2010

small update =)

Hey Guys! :)

I know i said i would update more....guess i lied lol....just been away from home a bit...went ice skating for the weekend and slept over my fams house...i totally ate the ice...i was trying to do a turn and slammed my head on the ice....hurt like hell...but a hottie helped me so i was all smiles on the some war wounds but it's all good ...i was kinda worried about internal bleeding...i can be a little dramatic but i had never hurt myself to sucha extent before so i had a right to be worried i was gonna die! haa..anyway im baby sitting the family dog and i love him dearly....alotttt of responsibility....but reallyy sore...i was ice skating for almost 4 hours straight! the time goes by super fast doesn't even feel like your burning's soothing to's my new hobby.....ut other than that...glad to be home....i like visiting but i dont like to stay the night...i like to be in my own surroundings... ya yeah that's pretty much it for now!