Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leaving for a couple days.

My sister is picking me up in about 10 minutes....i dunno...yesterday i felt like i wanted to go more...now i kinda don't....in many ways she doesn't get me..and i dont want to feel uncomfortable while im over there...there's been many times where i was over there and i told my mum to come and get me...for my sister to drop me off at my house...or i just took the bus home...i HATE tension and anger around me.I just hope i have a decent time. I can't wait to see the puppy!! =))

I seem to always be running from something....ughh, i can't wait until im just "happy" whatever that is.
Rainy day today...i like rainy days...some people dont cause it's depressing or whatever, but i actually love em.

So I packed my clothes and everything and my rice cakes...Im trying to fast today but i have to have my sister see me eat something. She knows about mandie...like i said she never brings it up so im guessing that she thinks if she doesnt mention it that it will go away.... She can be so oblivious....

Anyway I'm gonna get going she can come any minute...Not gonna be able to blog for a few days :( but i'll be back soon!