Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boring Day

Hey Guys!

Today i didnt do much. stayed home the whole day which was borsville. Woke up with a sore throat and headache, which put me in a shitty mood. It was such a gorgeous day today to be inside. Plus im fasting so i have like no energy for anything...once again felt faint in the shower which i hate....feels like i can't breathe.

Watched a few episodes of "16 and pregnant". One girl was's kinda sad that she's having a child and she's a child herself. Just the way she talks and acts, it's sad. I mean you can tell she's 15, she doesn't act older than her age...which is probably what that child needs. But they say having a child makes you grow up real quick so I hope that does it for her. I was still playing with barbie's at 15, it's so crazy when people have different situations than you. I'm glad i was sheltered...I can't imagine having a child so young....I mean you can have the same life you could've before...but dont think having a baby isnt gonna make it harder ya know...? i mean let's be real.

I kinda wanna watch Juno now lol of my favorite movies. I love Ellen Page..I think her work is brilliant! ughhh. I'm soo of the horrible side effects of fasting is that you wanna eat your own arm!!'s so hard to fast and see poeple go in and out of the kitchen with food...and me smelling it too! >.<

Was gonna do the linens but im to drained to go up and down the stairs...guess the clothes get put off for another day.(it looks like a mountain lol)

Til next time guys.