Tuesday, May 18, 2010


hmmm...today i woke up feeling quite shitty...i caught a cold from someone that was around me that was sick....i already knew i was gonna catch it...i always do....i hate having a low immune system....but i brought this onto myself so lets just skip the tears....today im starting a fast since food is the least of my worries for once....when im sick i just want to lay in bed and watch movies....ugh...i just hope that i fall alseep and it ends up being tomorrow quicker than i thought...update wise....me and my family had a celebration yesterday for mum's day. yes i know mums day was over a week ago but everyone was extremely busy so we had to schedule it for the following week. Anyway my mum and grandmum said it was a good day for them, that's all that mattered. Food wise, i was in a pickle! My sister catered food from a restaurant and she kept watching me... she probably thought i was soo fat and that i dont have a problem at all....and yes! i ate because i didnt want this big dramatic thing, "omg mandie's not eating let's give her attention now!" so i downed the food and when they left i purged it quick! it was a decent day like i said on my twitter...so yeah now im just gonna go relax and not think about food.... distractions distractions i need em!