Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Update-what's on my mind atm.

h3y guys!

today, i dont know what im gonna be doing today...i really shounldn't go to the mall and spend cause i literally can't control myself...there's ALWAYS something to buy...either it's on sale or it's just so cute i have to have it..
.i recently checked out a book called "the gift of fear" my sister recommended it to me and she said it's amazinggg...a "must read" so im gonna give it a try! she started reading it for her self defense class...but yeah thinking about going to barns and noble and just reading...might see some other things i should read aswell...only books i've really been reading are post secret books....i think i read those so much because i can relate to more than 90% of the the raw emotion is mind always think your alone until you see that your not....that alot of people are going threw similar things... i think that's why i lovee post secret books so much...they make me feel less yeah not really a busy day today...gonna throw on an oversized shirt and some ripped tights and im golden =)