Saturday, April 17, 2010

Single Life

Hey Guys :)

So today I kinda wanted to talk about my "relationship status" Yes im single, have been my whole life...(wow,that was kinda dramatic lol)..i mean there were one or two crushes here and there but i wasn't old enough to date then, so it was kinda a waste.... and even if i was old enough i probably would have scared the guy off....knowing me...i mean i dunno....eitther im to shy or i think i dont look "perfect" the type of person that if a guy said he was comming over just to say "hi" i would put on my best outfit and pretend like there my pj's.....few squirts of perfume......put on very little make-up and when he knocks at the door i would be like "ahhh why did you wake me up" as if i went back to bed when he called....pfff.. lmao... im soooo awkward you guys, you have no idea...but i think i hide it kinda well. I'm an awkward person in general but when im around boys im my awkwardest<--- ha, dont think that's a word. But i really am, my mind shuts down and goes completely blank, i stutter like a mad women, i look like i need help! lmao...i hate it! But as much as im uncomfortable, i can't wait for love. I can't wait for that guy. Someone to tell me that im beautiful and really mean it...Someone honest and loyal and fun loving and spontaneous...I can't wait for him...I think if i have someone like that in my life it might fade or calm my problems...Everytime, Everytime things would get really bad, I would always say "please something come save me, anything" I always thought that would be in the form of a guy. But that's the thing, now that today has been an "okay" day...i've realized that I dont need saving. I'm not some "Damsel in Distress". I just want someone to count on, dont think im asking the world. Anyway, im 18 years old so i have at least a few years before my looks go. JK! you guys later!