Thursday, April 29, 2010

Decent Day...

Hey Loves :)
So like I said, I've been out of school for 6 months....mum keeps getting on me about getting back to finish 12th year....I keep putting it off cause i hate being around people I dont know....i get all jittery and I'm trying to go to and contact my local college so I can get the rest of my credits and be done with this shit already....ugh! i wish I could just steal my high school diploma!! haha...So besides paid today =)) so I went shopping and bought the family dinner out ....oh, and I can finally get my lip the piercing 3 weeks i can finally change it!...So tonight I'm probably gonna go to bed earlier than usual so I can go shopping again tomorrow....i really dont need the clothes....i have a store in my room alone, with my clothes... But i hate to pass up a good sale or something...I always say "okay im just going to 'look'.." yeah right! i know myself all to well....but yeah it's a good day when i go without crying....i did purge but only once....not like 3-4 times as usual...

update later<3

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