Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey Dollings!

okay so i literally woke up like 5 minutes ago... im completely nocturnal so my "bedtime" is usually around 3-5 am....and yes that means i sleep the day away which is soo annoying...3:15pm right today i woke up then looked at my cell to see what time it is...i always have to keep my cell near my bed...even though no one really calls anymore lol...=( ...then turned on my computer and went pee pee/washed my hands i being to descriptive? ah whatever...dont like it? beat it! haha...i dont know what it is but i can only wash my hands with hot water..never with cold...i feel like the hot water gets the germs off else feel like that too...?

But yeah once i was done with that i sit back down and my mum starts unlocking the front door. Bad thing about sleeping in is that i miss the chances to have the house to myself for the day. So of course i have to say "hiiiii, mum" and she says "did you cook dinner?, I left the meat out"
my first thought was "whoops"..lmao..."ooh! im gonna cook it right now" my second thought was"guess im the fucking maid" im mean, a nice hello would have been nice. But i guess i should give my mum the benefit of the doubt...she does work two jobs and go to school. I mean there's no reason for me to say that i can't get back into schooling if she's doing 3 times what i am....ughh...cheese and rice!!! i hate when i know she's right.

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  1. so you know that she loves you, right?
    love her back and then love yourself even more